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Dive into engaging conversations with successful entrepreneurs and innovators. Explore sales mastery, marketing wisdom, and mindset transformation. Succeed in life and business with Coach Gary.


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Another Money Episode

- with Host Jack Allweil
Today I have the pleasure to sit down with Gary Micu Jr. of Micu Growth. He has chosen Grant Cardone's 10X framework to help people along their business and personal development journey, and today we get into those frameworks.
You'll learn:
  • Gary's relationship with money growing up
  • The 10X framework Best ways to market oneself What would someone learn inside of Cardone University
  • Revenue targets to hire your first employee Best and worst personal finance advice

Live w/ James R. Elliot

Embracing Clarity of Focus
 - Embracing Adversity For Resilience and Growth -
You may have heard of the expressions, make your wounds your wisdom, or make your mess your message.
Listen in to understand the setbacks and embracing opportunities for growth - and why they happen in the first place!

Moving Beyond Being Good Podcast

Unlocking Success Secrets
- with Host Gary Ryan - 
Join us as Gary Micu Jr, Founder of Micu Growth, reveals his journey from accountant to successful business owner in Michigan.
Gain insights into leveraging the pandemic for his personal growth, the impact of investing in personal development, key business metrics, and actionable networking tips in this episode packed with transformative advice for entrepreneurs.

Free For All Friday

Stephanie Shewell Memorial Fund 24 hr Pt. 2
 - Hosted by Johnny Awesome & Jimmy Fantastic - 
Tune in to the Free For All Friday Podcast for a dynamic conversation as Gary joins real estate experts Johnny Awesome and Jimmy Fantastic.
Delve into strategies for lead generation, optimizing sales conversion, and cultivating a growth mindset tailored for real estate agents in this power-packed episode.
Screenshot 2023-11-19 072445

Your 12|30 Podcast

Episode 107 Gary Micu, Jr of Micu Growth 
 - Hosted by Mike Solitro - 
Mike Solitro of Accomplished𝙍𝙀 welcomes Gary Micu, Jr of Micu Growth to share his story and answer 12 Questions in 30 Minutes

Gary helps business owners and professionals get more clients, re-engage their existing clients, and make more money in 90 days.  He's a 10X Certified speaker, a coach, and a mentor.

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